It’s All in the Details: Translating Summer Style to Fall Weather

I’m not a fall or winter sort of person. I love  concept of both: colorful dyed leaves falling with the wind, crisp apples and reds and browns and sunshine sparkling through treetops, snow falling faintly to the ground, warm coats and hot chocolate in the mornings. It speaks content, gratitude for the small things in life.

But when it comes to fashion, I whole heartedly appreciate the summer months. It’s when I’m the most confident and free, able to express myself unrestricted.

The weather here has been wonky at best, changing with a swing of the wind. It’s been rough actually deciding what to wear, because morning temperatures inaccurately predict afternoon ones. Appropriately, I’ve been grabbing more button downs and layering them on top in lieu of jackets. Who says girls can’t have style and comfort?

I still have to drop by the Men’s Section of H&M at some point, but for now, my main shops have been Express and Banana Republic, where selective, fashion forward pieces add an edge to an otherwise everyday outfit. I’m especially loving pairing blues with blues and muted colors, tying colors together that wouldn’t necessarily seem to work at first.

Credits to @Quyen Truong for the amazing shots last week of my outfit, back when the weather was warmer.



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